Canada's premiere educational forum for public and not-for-profit sector marketers and communicators - June 13-15, 2016 at the OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE



Welcome to MARCOM 2016

As the relentless speed of change continues in the world of marketing and communications, our efforts require even more focus in finding, attracting and keeping loyal customers, citizens, members and stakeholders of all kinds. It starts at the CORE where our brand is built and where the people within our organizations find meaningful, collaborative work environments, the culture that helps them thrive, the infrastructure that allows their efficiency, training that makes them effective, a clear vision, a mission and a two-way dialogue – or do they?

Our Theme for 2016 is Build Your Marketing from the CORE – Internal, External, Interactive.

This year we look across the spectrum of Internal Marketing to enable the promise, External Marketing to set the promise and the moment of truth – Interactive Marketing to deliver the promise. We look for case studies, best practices, campaigns, tools, tips and proven ways to find early success and build on it – from the CORE. We strive to enable, set and deliver our brand promise and do work and find solutions that are meaningful to those we serve. In our digital reality we look to successfully integrate traditional and new media and stay true to the foundations of what makes marketing great. Research, technology, evidence, testing, truth, verification, honesty, integrity, passion. We look to why things work the way they seem to and we’re always looking out for what’s next to ensure our future.

At MARCOM we understand your daily reality and invite you to come together with other public sector, non-profit and association colleagues to get acquainted with the latest directions, tools, technologies and strategies to develop and prepare yourself for the broad role of today’s and tomorrow’s marketing and communications professional.

Yes, we have large shoes to fill, but we are committed to our craft and our discipline!


  • Anne Yourt
  • Paul Estey
  • Josef Jurkovic
  • François Lagarde
  • Angela Pigeon
  • Brad Clark
  • Jim Donnelly
  • Mike Kujawski
  • Shelley Mayer



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Anne Yourt

Vice President, Public Relations, Zeno Group Canada

Anne Yourt is Vice President, Public Relations with Zeno Group Canada. With more than fifteen years of agency and corporate experience, Anne has counseled leading global brands and organizations and executed communications programs across North America. Her expertise is in food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, health and wellness, corporate social responsibility, corporate and crisis …Read more

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