Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

Session 2: Emotion – Key to Corporate Volunteer Programs and Your Revenue Generation Strategy

More and more companies are looking for exciting ways to engage their employees in giving back.  But how many of these efforts are working?  Are they engaging employees in the most inspirational and impactful ways?  Are they helping charities build relationships with corporations?  Are they helping to make a difference?  This session will share results from a focus group of Canada’s leading corporate citizens that explored current employee volunteer models – from team walks/runs/bikes to group clean up days to skills-based volunteering.  The session will help charities better understand what’s working, what needs improvement and what an ideal employee volunteerism program should look like.  The results are intended to help charities create more effective employer-supported volunteer programming that will help in turn set the stage for stronger corporate relationships and revenue generation.

  • You will better understand the key ingredients corporations are looking for from volunteer events
  • You will be better prepared to invest your corporate volunteering programs with what today’s employees are looking for
  • You will be in a better position to build stronger relationships with corporate partners as part of your revenue generation strategy