Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

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Session 3: Employer Branding: Putting Money in the “Trust Bank”

Many organizations in the non-profit and public sectors spend a lot of time and energy building strong organizational brands —but they often fall short when it comes to strengthening their employer reputation. “Employer branding” is a key component of effective organizational leadership. If organizations can’t attract, engage, and retain the right talent, they’re unlikely to achieve their goals and objectives.

We are now living in a world where large and small public sector and non-profit organizations are having great difficulty finding qualified candidates, particularly in specialized fields like technology. The easiest way to attract skilled people to your organization is by showing potential employees that you have a brand they’ll want to work for. Your employer brand then focuses on promoting the inspirational aspects of your corporate culture, along with features that differentiate your organization from other employers.

Your employer brand dictates your reputation not just among clients, but also with key stakeholders, employees and future job candidates. Employer brands are influenced by everything from internal communication strategies to organizational-specific solutions for employee recognition – even your brand advocacy programs.

Jim Mintz and Josef Jurkovic have many years of experience working with both the public sector and non-profit organizations and will discuss the best marketing and communications approaches to:

  • Increase motivation among employees who are happy working in an engaging and fulfilling environment.
  • Develop more reliable and loyal employees—if your staff love working for your organization, then you can rest assured that they’ll give you their best work and focused attention.
  • Lower turnover rates, regardless if there are higher paying jobs elsewhere.
  • Attract new generations of exceptional talent drawn to your organization by your compelling employer branding. You won’t just attract good employees, you’ll attract the best.
  • Enhance your brand with clients, suppliers, partners and key stakeholders.