Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

Session 5: It Happens Fast: #Put Down the Phone Campaign

Learn how the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Transportation set out to create an integrated advertising/ marketing campaign that would get people’s attention and change their behaviour. It was a simple and vital message — put down the phone. But breaking through the noise was an immense challenge, especially to reach youth. With research, team collaboration and innovation, the resulting marketing campaign with more than a hundred creative pieces of social media shattered industry benchmarks, set government records and — most importantly — got through to drivers.

  • You will learn that research is your friend and will set you free!
  • You will learn not to be afraid to try new, creative things. With teamwork, anything is possible!
  • You will learn how to develop an integrated ad and social marketing campaign that will capture the attention of youth and change their behaviour along the way- or at least get them talking about it!