Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

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Keynote – Just Evil Enough: Subversiveness, communications and the attention economy

Economies are driven by what’s scarce—oil, land, or machinery. Today, information is abundant, and so cheap that we scarcely know how to charge for it. That means we don’t live in an information economy. Instead, today’s markets are powered by that which information consumes: Our attention.

For the smart marketer, this means a fundamental rethink of how we craft and share messages. Our job is not to push information, it’s to create attention.

The private sector has already embraced attention marketing, applying so-called “growth hacking” techniques to early-stage companies and viral messaging. Much of this applies to the public sector, nonprofits, and other charitable audiences; some of it needs to change. What’s clear is that human nature and the psychology of perception play a critical role in how we build audiences, share ideas, and convince people to act.

In this wide-ranging talk, author and entrepreneur Alistair Croll looks at the secrets behind many of today’s most successful companies that you can use in your nonprofit and public sector environments. He’ll look at unorthodox strategies for launching and growing projects—and some of the ethical issues these approaches imply. His blunt take on modern marketing communications will forever change the way you think about audiences, media, and campaigns.