Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

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Peer-2-Peer Marketing / Case Study Roundtables – SIGN-UP ON SITE – please read through each to plan ahead

These supplement the program topics and add new learning and sharing opportunities. They range from marketing and communications topics surrounding these disciplines to fully examining case studies and marketing campaigns from marketing planning to measurement and results. Please check back regularly and know which one you’d like to attend when you come on site (by table number).

Delegates will choose a roundtable and sign up on site.

Table 1: Storytelling – Tips and Tricks to sniff out Great Content in Your Organization

Holly Bridges, President, Blossom Content

Table 2:  How to Build Your Digital Dream Team

Sherrilynne Starkie, Strategic Communicator, Digital Communications Consulting

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, you need a digitally savvy multi-skilled marketing team. Join me to talk about what qualifications, skills and attributes you should be looking for to build your marketing communications dream team – or to level-up your personal career path for the digital world.

Table 3:  Let’s go Down the Rabbit Hole – Digital Analysis 101

May-Jun McGrath, Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing
Join me to learn about my 5-Step Framework to help you analyze your data, improve outcomes and optimize your connection and impact with your key target audiences.
5-Step Data Analysis Framework walks you through the process:
1. Questioning
2. Gathering
3. Sorting (sifting through the fog)
4. Reading – Your story through numbers
5. Revising / Optimizing

You’ll walk away with some solid ideas and a framework to analyse and report results on your organic and paid digital growth.

Table 4: The Changing Face of Canada: What’s Your Multicultural Strategy?

Bobby Sahni, Partner & Co-Founder, Ethnicity Multicultural Marketing & Advertising

The face of Canada is changing. Is your organization ready for the challenges and opportunities? Join me to discuss how organizations like yours are re-inventing the way they do business to cater to a diverse world. We’ll discuss the “do’s and don’ts” of multicultural marketing and also use this session as a sounding board for your ideas and questions to put you on the right path.

Table 5: The Truth About Meetings

Gord Sheppard, Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, Author, Trainer, Create Awesome Meetings / Succession Managers Incorporated

  • Should your last meeting have been an email instead of a meeting?
  • Are you burnt out because you’re getting called to so many meetings during the day that you are being forced to do your regular work at night (and you can’t tell your boss about it)?
  • Do you hate meetings but can’t admit it out loud?

These are just a few of the ‘truth bombs’ that will be landing during ‘The Truth About Meetings Roundtable…and you’ll learn how to fix them!

Table 6: Embedding Social Media in your Organization’s DNA

Anne MacLachlan, Social Media Coordinator, Ontario Parks

If your comms team members are the sole content generators, are you truly representing your organization authentically? Is it a struggle to mine your own brand’s stories? Are you hoping to turn burn out into buy in?

Join me to chat about systems, tools and tactics that can educate, activate and streamline your entire organization, from summer students to upper management.

More to come…