Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

Peer-2-Peer Marketing / Case Study Roundtables – SIGN-UP ON SITE – please read through each to plan ahead

These supplement the program topics and add new learning and sharing opportunities. They range from marketing and communications topics surrounding these disciplines to fully examining case studies and marketing campaigns from marketing planning to measurement and results. Please check back regularly and know which one you’d like to attend when you come on site (by table number).

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Table 1: Social Media Pitfalls: What NOT to do while managing a corporate social media account.

Anat Cohn, Corporate Communications Specialist, Ottawa Police Service

I’ll share some incidents of damaging communications and missed opportunities to help you avoid common pitfalls of using corporate social media channels.  We’ll endeavour to explore what not to do and we’ll discuss how best to leverage social media when it’s your responsibility as the corporate community manager.

Table 2: Using Measurement Strategy to Drive Decision Making

Paul Dombowsky, Consumer Insights Manager, Canadian Real Estate Association

Does your organization have a measurement strategy? What is a measurement strategy anyway? Does your organization analyze web and other analytics, user satisfaction, and cohort behviour as you develop marketing and communications plans and tactics? Does measurement drive decision making in your organization and go beyond just web sessions and conversions? How mature would you say your organization is at each of the staff, management and senior management levels? This roundtable will discuss best practices and possibilities for senior management to develop a measurement strategy and use data and analytics for strategic decision making. It will also look at how marketing and communications teams can package insights for senior management in requests for their support of proposed programs and other initiatives.

Table 3: Revenue Generation: Are You Meeting Your Goals?

Bernie Colterman, Managing Partner, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

You’ve been tasked with recovering costs or developing new revenue streams for your organization. Where do you start? How do you ensure that you are taking a strategic approach, focused on long-term sustainability?
This Roundtable will discuss the many facets of revenue generation in not-for-profit and public sector organizations. It will also examine how to avoid jumping all over the map from one “big idea” to the next and take a logical, organized approach towards revenue development. Participants will be able to share challenges and learn how other organizations are dealing with similar situations.

Table 4: Keep it Short and Simple – The Power of Plain Language

Nick McCarthy, Director of Communications, Association of Justice Council

There is power in plain language. It allows you to communicate to your target audience in a clear and concise matter.  It ensures that your audience easily understands the intended message and can become an advocate for your organization, initiative or association.

Join me for a roundtable discussion about plain language. We will discuss:

  • How to get your organization on board,
  • How to convince your colleagues of the importance of plain language,
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in implementing plain language,
  • How to move forward with plain language in your organization.

Table 5: Telling other people’s stories

Olivier Fortin, Chief Creative Strategist, Banfield

Storytelling is at the core of many of the most successful marketing campaigns of the past few years. It has the power to connect with audiences at a deeper and more meaningful level than any features and benefits, in any sector. But what can an organization do when its products or services don’t lend themselves well to a narrative? The solution: tell other people’s stories. Pulling from experiences with the Royal Canadian Legion, the National Arts Centre and Export Development Canada, this roundtable will discuss the value of bringing members of your extended network into your communications to create loyal customers, clients, members and stakeholders. Olivier will translate his client examples into tools and tips to help you make it happen with your team.

Table 6: Keys to Success in Marketing Programs Designed to Change Attitudes and Behaviours

Jay Kassirer, President, Cullbridge and General Manager, Tools of Change
Jim Mintz, Managing Partner, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

We will discuss common mistakes organizations make when trying to develop and/or implement a marketing strategy to change attitudes and behaviours. As long-time social marketing practitioners Jim Mintz and Jay Kassirer often see organizations making common mistakes when developing campaigns and will discuss what marketers can do to avoid them. Jim and Jay will also discuss strategies that have proven to be effective in change people’s attitudes and behaviours. In addition, the session will briefly introduce the resources provided by the Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA) to help you increase the effectiveness of your programs. Participants will be asked to share their experiences in developing attitude and behaviour change campaigns.

Table 7:  The Bots are Coming. Are You Ready?

Mike Kujawski, Managing Partner, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

With over half of the world’s population now using instant messaging apps, it’s no wonder brands are shifting their strategic focus towards bots.  Facebook has assigned 10,000+ developers to work on bots for its Messenger Platform, and apps such as Telegram, KIK and Skype have all been early pioneers in this area as well.  For marketing and communications professionals, this is a game-changer. Bring your smartphone and we’ll discover together how you can leverage this next huge trend.

Table 8:  The Power of A/B Testing in Digital Marketing

Jonathan Simon, Mobile Marketing Strategist and Director of Marketing, Magmic

One of the greatest strengths of digital marketing is that it allows us to test multiple elements in real time. These tests may cause small changes at first, but over time will lead to big results. How can you use A/B testing to move your organization forward in its marketing and communications efforts? Using my experience running thousands of A/B tests through different advertising platforms, social media, websites, and email; this roundtable session will discuss best practices for implementing and executing a digital marketing strategy that utilizes A/B testing to maximize results. From defining objectives, identifying tools for measurement and leveraging your data, Jonathan will leave you with 10 Key Takeaways you can use to improve your efforts, educate others and affect change in your organization.

Table 9:  The Power of Personal Branding in a Digital World

Michaela Alexis, Social Media Influencer and Expert and President, Grade A Digital

Traditional marketing efforts just aren’t cutting it anymore. The online content keeps increasing, and the disruption has become the norm. As a business owner or employee, it’s hard to see where your place in in such a loud environment, unless you have a humongous budget, celebrity friends, or a super controversial product or service. What if there was strategy that is accessible, affordable, and timeless?

In less than a year, Michaela has pivoted her career trajectory and built a highly engaged following of over 70,000 professionals worldwide on LinkedIn by leveraging the power of personal branding. In this roundtable discussion, she’ll share how she did it, and how you too can learn how to create compelling content that’ll have your audience gravitating towards your brand.

More tables to come. Stay Tuned!