Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

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Session 4: The Changing Face of Canada. The Changing Needs of Canadians.

The face of Canada is changing. Look down the street in many neighborhoods today, and you will see people from all over the world. We are a nation of newcomers. Each new wave of immigration has added to the nation’s ethnic and cultural composition, and the tastes and buying habits that set trends in Canada are quickly shifting. With 1 in 5 Canadians being foreign born and over 1 million new immigrants coming to the country every few years, it’s a demographic tsunami that is transforming how we think about and manage brands, businesses and communities as “multicultural” becomes “the new mainstream”.

This is an unstoppable trend that is transforming how Canada works, plays, learns, spends, and gives and any organization or institution that fails to understand it will be left behind. This insightful discussion based on facts and feelings explores the changing face of Canada, and will shed light on what’s to come. Join Multicultural Marketing industry veteran, Bobby Sahni, as he shares perspectives, perceptions and experiences on how to win in an increasingly diverse world – today, tomorrow and in the future.

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of how the demographic shift is affecting Canadian organizations today and how it will change the way we do business in the future
  • An explanation of the multicultural consumer mindset, including key insights based on “cultural baggage”
  • Solution-agnostic approaches to growth including examples and best practices from a variety of industries