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Workshop 4: 1/2 Day AM – How to Create Awesome Meetings

Do you hate bad meetings (but know you have to do something about them)?
Do you love meetings (and want to make them even better)?

Then the How To Create Awesome Meetings Workshop is ideal for you and your team.

In marketing there’s no time to waste and pulling a group of people together costs everyone valuable time and money. Even more than simply improving communication and getting better at running meetings, it’s critical to connect your meetings directly to your marketing strategy. Understand what your objectives for meeting are, who should be there and how to not waste a minute of the precious time you have.  At the end of the day you’ll get more done and no matter your sector, you can stop wasting time and show results, faster.

This workshop is based on the proven 10-step system in Gord Sheppard’s book called “How To Create Awesome Meetings – a step-by-step guide to help you make your next meeting more productive and profitable.”

You’ll learn:

Step 1 – Why great meetings start with you
Step 2 – How to deepen team trust through learning fast, practical communications techniques
Step 3 – How to calculate the actual cost of a meeting so that you don’t waste a single second
Step 4 – How to become an awesome meeting facilitator
Step 5 – How to connect each meeting directly to your organization strategy so you can serve your clients at a higher level
Step 6 – How to build a blockbuster AGENDA that will excite your entire team
Step 7 – Find out why where you meet is as important as what you’re meeting about
Step 8 – How to get awesome meeting productivity improvement resources
Step 9 – How to follow up FAST
Step 10 – How to get inspired and take action!

And by the end of the How To Create Awesome Meetings Workshop you’ll have the tips and inspiration you need to turn your meetings into the productive moments in your marketing and communications programs.