Canada's only marketing conference developed exclusively for the nonprofit and public sectors - May 30-31, 2017 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa

Workshop 6: Journey Mapping and Developing Consumer Personas

The process by which a consumer makes a decision is more complex than ever. With an endless supply of information, right at their fingertips, a desire to know more is only as far as a click away. This poses a unique challenge to marketers in the nonprofit and public sectors as we fight for share-of-voice in an already cluttered world of knowledge seekers and content publishers. In this omnichannel universe, how do we decide which platforms and channels make the most sense for our audiences? How do we ensure our content resonates in a way that affects our desired outcomes?

We welcome all marketers for an engaging day, filled with interactive, mini-workshops. With hands-on exercises, you will leave the day with a deeper knowledge of:

Building Consumer Persona(s): how we create them and why they are an essential foundation on which we build our marketing and communications efforts.

Journey Mapping: we will help you discover the various stages in the decision-making process for your various audiences.

Platform Exploration: using insights developed in building your consumer persona(s), we will help you assess the channels that make the most sense to reach your target(s) along their journey.

Content Building: once you know the path that your persona travels and their most likely places to seek information, you must next create content that serves their needs and interests at the various stages of their journey. We will help you to create actionable content plans that help to drive deeper engagement and drive results against defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Measure & Refine: developing KPI metrics that can be easily measured will help you and your organization stay on track. Start with simple metrics that you can refine and redefine as you become more sophisticated in your journey mapping efforts. We will provide you with the key metrics that you can get up and running quickly to bring analytical rigor to your marketing efforts.

Attendees will be provided with worksheets to help guide their in-workshop learning. A copy of the presentation will be shared following the session.