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Daniel Houle

Daniel Houle

Manager, Web, Outreach & Social Media, Census Communications, Statistics Canada

Dan Houle has 25+ years of outcome-driven marketing experience. He is a passionate about applying market research for the purpose of developing and executing integrated and results-driven social marketing campaigns; and has championed the use of behavioural, sociodemographic, and geographic segmentation analysis for proper alignment of differentiated and targeted communications activities.

Dan Houle managed outreach and social media activities for the 2016 Census. After joining Statistics Canada in November 2013, he immediately set out to introduce numerous changes to the way Canadians would be encouraged to complete their census questionnaire. For the first time in the history of the census, a social marketing strategy was developed specifically to seek out and engage with populations who have proven more difficult to enumerate in a past census. Dan worked with Statistics Canada methodologists to build segmentation profiles based on behavioral patterns observed during the 2011 Census; and he then developed an integrated communications strategy with clearly defined and quantified outcomes and goals.

The 2016 Census was the most successful one in Canadian history, and the fact that almost 9 out of 10 households responded without any assistance from Statistics Canada staff; and that almost 69% of questionnaires were completed online—a world record—would not have been possible without vastly increasing self-response rates amongst hard-to-enumerate audiences.

On December 13, 2016, Dan was one of the recipients of the prestigious Agatha Chapman Innovation Award in recognition for his commitment and dedication to the development of significant ideas and innovation which advance Statistics Canada’s priorities.

Dan studied at the University of Ottawa, where he earned a degree in arts (German literature) and commerce (marketing/international business). Prior to joining the public sector in 2011, Dan worked over 20 years in high tech sector as a product manager, channel developer and platform evangelist for companies such as Microsoft and Corel. He is a certified (Agile) Product Manager through the International Association of Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM).