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Gord Sheppard

Gord Sheppard

President, Meeting Leadership Inc.

After 25 years in business Gord Sheppard has run or participated in more than 2000 meetings! This experience (occasionally exciting, often painful) made him realize that life is short and we can’t afford to waste time in meetings. With that inspiration Gord is now dedicated to changing the world, one meeting at time.

Gord is a Professional Speaker, Meeting Facilitator, Coach, Teacher and Author. He has worked successfully with thousands of people from all sectors including Associations, Corporations, Small Business, Institutions, Non-Profits and more. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Prosci Change Management Certification.

With his combined experience Gord delivers actionable tips that will help you make your next meeting more productive and profitable!

You can learn more about Gord Sheppard at